Success for Regent’s student start-up

February 18, 2019

Two years ago, my student Luise Hasse presented her idea for a business start-up in our Entrepreneurship class. She did very well in her presentation, and we had an interesting debate about the details of her business concept — in particular, the challenges of translating it from a European to a British context. In Autumn last year, as Luise was taking my ‘Advanced Topics’ module in White-Collar Crime, her business idea came up again, in the context of a discussion about law v. morality with respect to international taxation practices. Over these two years, I feel like I got to know Luise’s project quite well, so it is particularly rewarding to hear that it has just won the Dragon’s Den competition at Regent’s.

Luise’s story is as much a personal as it is a business one. She has been trading in London on behalf of her parents’ business since September last year, but she is currently developing her own brand with a first flagship product, which is a 100% natural mineral detox powder that has been successfully trading on the German market since 2011. Luise plans to launch a new version of that product this summer, as part of her capstone (dissertation) project. After winning the pitch competition, she was put in touch with one of the “Dragons”, who is an established Regent’s alumna working in branding. This should provide her with the support she needs to launch and market her business.

What really attracted the attention of the Dragons was the story behind Luise’s new version of a product. Luise gave the audience a background of her own struggle with acne as a young woman, which led her to search for a natural way of healing. The only thing that really helped her at the time was this Vulcanic ash powder called zeolite, which is PH neutral, highly detoxifying, nutritious, and can be used both as a food supplement and as a cosmetic product. The product helped Luise tackle her extreme skin problem, and regain her self-confidence to the extent that she is now working as a fashion model as well — something that would have been inconceivable for the shy, anxious teenager with skin problems a few years ago.

To see more details about Luise’s business project, click here.

Congratulations to Luise, and good luck to my new students in Entrepreneurship, who are working hard on their own business concepts as we speak!