Author: AnaMaria


For BUSINESS ETHICS students Autumn 2016 Ethical Experiment: If you could push a button that would redistribute all of the world’s wealth equally to every living human on Earth continually for eternity, would you push it?...

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Hillsborough – lest we forget

In transit from Europe to London April 2014 25th anniversary. 96 lives. What does one say on such a day – that they should be here today? That their families should have had more answers, much earlier? That ‘accidental death’...

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Bhopal Blues

Bhopal Blues March 2014, London Nearly 30 years since the worst industrial disaster the world has ever seen, the legal case is slowly advancing. Union Carbide Corporation is, once again, wanted in the Indian courts. Initially,...

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Bali fields

Bali fields January 2014, Singapore As I was sipping my coffee in an air-conditioned hotel in Singapore, my thoughts wondered back to the sweltry roads of Bali, where I’d discovered (and come to appreciate) a more natural way of...

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