Category: Asia

Bhopal Blues

Bhopal Blues March 2014, London Nearly 30 years since the worst industrial disaster the world has ever seen, the legal case is slowly advancing. Union Carbide Corporation is, once again, wanted in the Indian courts. Initially,...

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Bali fields

Bali fields January 2014, Singapore As I was sipping my coffee in an air-conditioned hotel in Singapore, my thoughts wondered back to the sweltry roads of Bali, where I’d discovered (and come to appreciate) a more natural way of...

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Stakeholder engagement in Lovina

Stakeholder engagement in Lovina Turn of the year 2013/2014, Bali New Year’s Eve is a time for celebration at our villa in North Bali for more reasons than one. It is when the winners of staff annual awards are announced. They...

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What next in Singapore?

What next in Singapore? June 2013, London 18 years ago, Nick Leeson made history by single-handedly causing the collapse of one of the oldest and most successful British banks. He was an employee of Barings Futures Singapore –...

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