The current Corporate Responsibility Network evolved out of what used to be a Corporate Crime Network. This project was initially supported by the Arts & Humanities Research Council and the University of Essex, School of Law where the project was based between 2009/2010. To see what our old website used to look like, please click here.

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This site was established in 2009, through an AHRC-funded project aimed at developing an international network of academics and professionals with an interest in corporate and white-collar crime. It was intended to become a repository for relevant information in all areas related to corporate crime and responsibility: new and proposed legislation, breaking cases and judicial decisions interpreting laws relating to corporate criminality.

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The initial project, including the website, was managed by Professor Gobert and Dr Ana-Maria Pascal, from the University of Essex, School of Law. Professor Gobert taught and published extensively in the field of corporate crime over a 15-year period. Dr Pascal was the UK Director of the Centre for Corporate Accountability (CCA), a London-based charity concerned with worker and public safety. She was also a Lecturer and Senior Researcher at University of Essex, and is now Principal Lecturer at Regent’s University London. She teaches Philosophy, Corporate Responsibility and Society, Business Ethics, White-Collar Crime, Entrepreneurship, and Research Methods.

During the collaboration on this project, Prof Gobert and Dr Pascal published a book on European Developments in Corporate Criminal Liability (2011, Routledge). For details, please refer to our Publications page.

Following Professor Gobert’s retirement in 2011, Dr Pascal took over the project and developed it independently from the University of Essex. Since then, the scope of the Network has widened, to include corporate responsibility and corporate governance issues. Current research interests include multinationals’ responsibility for human rights; state complicity in corporate crime; the cultural roots of principles of criminal liability in different jurisdictions; conversely, the impact of ethical jurisprudence on different systems of corporate governance; and the business case for ethical investment.

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Between 2012 and 2014, the website was supported by the University of Bristol Law School. We thank our colleagues from Bristol Law School for their generous support.

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In its current form, the website is supported by Regent’s University London. With its dynamic, interdisciplinary ethos, Regent’s University is the perfect environment to host such a diverse group as the Corporate Responsibility Network. We thank our colleagues from Regent’s University London, for their collegiality and generous support.