Web Style Guide – 16th May

A website is never done. As I read in an article [https://www.canva.com/learn/apple-google-starbucks-inside-the-web-design-style-guides-of-10-famous-companies/] by Laura Busche: “There’s only one certainty in the world of web design: everything will change soon”.

Besides creating websites is getting more and more complex. It is important to ensure that design is consistent and optimized to meet its objectives whether is a blog, non-profit website, or an e-commerce and create enjoyable experiences for users. These objectives are not always easy to achieve also because usually designing a website is not a one-person job.

What is a Web Style Guide?

A Web Style Guide is a collection of pre-designed elements, graphics and rules designers or developers should follow to ensure that separate website pieces will be consistent and will create a cohesive experience at the end.

It usually lists a set of instructions for everyone in charge of designing the website such as developers, designers etc…

Maybe due to the fact that several design disciplines have to interact with the developers and designers, the Web Style Guide is named in different ways such as pattern libraries, UI toolkits, front-end style guides, and UI guidelines.

Why is it Important?

It is beneficial to have a style guide in order to create a cohesive experience among different pages. It allows flexibility whilst maintaining consistency. It is especially extremely important when multiple designers are working on the same website or web-app; therefore, designers will have a guide to refer to, whilst working on the project. Furthermore it makes the website more professional because not only designers but also users will know that everything was done for a reason.

Table of Content

  • 3 – COLOURS
  • 4 – IMAGES
  • 5 – ICONS
  • 6 – LINKS
  • 7 – FORMS
  • 8 – BUTTONS
  • 10 – WIDGETS
  • 11 – FOOTER

1 – STRATEGY or TONE OF VOICE i.e. English spelling

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2 – TYPOGRAPHY i.e. Hx & fonts


4 – IMAGES i.e. alt attribute

5 – ICONS i.e. external link, pdf, email

6 – LINKS i.e. underlined for less able users





11 – FOOTER i.e. common links such as T&C, Accessibility and Web Style Guide, are located here